CMM220: Week 10

DB Post

The NFP I love living on the Peninsula is already utilising many social media tactics – it has been created entirely using Facebook and recently added a WordPress site, has automatic reposting to Twitter and its website showcases both of these. Other options would be to create a Pinterest album that links to the Facebook page which could showcase images taken by locals of the area. Maintenance would mean regular posting of the images as Pinterest does not have a schedule function which is currently utilised by the Facebook page to reduce the time needed for consistent updates. Flickr is another option as it can be integrated into the website easily, even if it is not suitable for Facebook, with the same qualities as Pinterest but more suited to photographic art, rather than snapshots (as is usually taken by members of the page.) It is important to have consistent branding for the NFP and to this end, a search on Check Usernames (Knowem, 2015) indicates that both Pinterest and Flickr have the username lovepeninsula available.


KnowEm 2015, Check Usernames, viewed 02/05/ 2015, <;.

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